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Getting Ready for College, Careers and the Common Core, the book by CEPR's director, David T. Conley, PhD, is available in bookstores and online.

Written for all educators but with an emphasis on those at the secondary level, this important resource shows how to develop programs that truly prepare students for both the Common Core assessments and for college and career readiness.

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Purpose of CEPR

The University of Oregon's Center for Educational Policy Research (CEPR) strives to improve educational outcomes for high school students, both nationally and locally in Oregon. The Center works with educators, school districts, higher education administrators, and policy makers to research current systems, and to develop effective programs to improve student outcomes.

CEPR staff develop and conduct:

  • course and standards alignment studies
  • workshops to help faculty coordinate services and create institutional partnerships
  • online tools for educators to ensure students are college and career ready

In the News

A report out this week from the National Center on Education Statistics (NCES) links the NAEP 12th-grade math and reading results to college readiness, finding that more than half of American 12th graders are not ready for college. In an article on the Christian Science Monitor website, CEPR's Dr. Conley discusses the root of the issue.

CEPR supports CollegeReady Lane County, which has evolved over the last year to become Connected Lane County. The work has involved approximately 100 members from community groups like United Way and Head Start, to administrators and educators from Bethel, Eugene 4J and Springfield school districts, to presidents from Lane County's two institutions of higher education and all of Lane County's rural districts represented through Lane ESD.